Monday, November 15, 2010

Jeff Reed Doesn't Pay Attention to Percentages; Quotes His Percentage

By Finesse

Lots of posts today, but then again, there is lots to talk about, including this gem by Jeff Reed:
"Some big kicks, I've missed some important kicks. It's sports. It's not an excuse, but it's life. You can't sit here and say, man, you've been an 85 percent here and there and now you're whatever percentage. I've lost track. It hurts me that I don't help this team get points. But percentages are way overrated, and on a night like tonight when I felt great, kicked off well, did everything I was supposed to do and you miss a 20-something yard field goal, everyone wants to focus on that in a game like this.''
Let's dissect.
  1. Reed is quick to note his 85% success rate (which is very good) in the same paragraph in which he says that percentages are overrated.  Could it just be that they are overrated when you are 2 for 8 from 40+ yards?  Um, could be.
  2. Shame on the fans for focusing on his missed 26-yarder instead of the fact that he "felt great."  I can only speak for myself, but when I turned the game off last night I thought, "Well, Reed hasn't been making any big kicks this year, but at least he felt great tonight.  Now I can sleep."
  3. It hurts Jeff that he didn't help the team get points.  You know who else it hurts?  The team.
Skippy's one of our favorites - a reliable Steeler, through-and-through.  But seriously man, start making some more kicks.

Anyone else uncomfortable with this picture?

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