Friday, November 5, 2010

Is it too Early to Dream?

By Artistry

I was just scanning the John Buccigross mailbag on [Ed. note:  Artistry does have a real job; he is just hyper-productive during the hours he actually focuses on it], and one particular passage caught my eye.  In addressing the debacle that is the New Jersey Devils' season to date, Buccigross speculates on the future of one of New Jersey's impending restricted free agents: "Let's face it, at his age, [Zach] Parise could sign a long-term, cap-friendly deal with just about any team he wanted to -- Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Toronto or a number of other teams."  Hmmm.  Yes.  Yes, he could.

How would that work?  According to, the Penguins have $51.3 million committed to 13 players next season.  If you assume Eric Tangradi makes the team out of camp next fall - a safe bet - we have roughly $52 million committed to 14 players, including our top 6 defenseman and 2 goalies.  Last season the salary cap was $56.8 million.  The current salary cap is $59.3 million.  For the sake of argument, let's say it goes up next season to $61.8 million.  That would leave the Penguins with about $10 million dollars to pay about 8 NHL salaries.   Right now the team has 8 guys on its NHL roster (Rupp, Godard, Kennedy, Asham, Adams, Comrie, Letestu, and Engelland) making a combined $5.05 million.  If Ray Shero can stick with this cap framework, he'll have around $4.5 million per season he can comfortably pay to a certain 40-goal scorer.

Zach, how does 6 years for $27 million and a permanent spot on Sidney Crosby's line sound?  Is that something you might be interested in? 


  1. I dare to dream. But for Parise, $4.5 is too low and 6 years too short to get him for that average cap hit. Would have to be upwards of 10 years to lower it to $4.5 mil hit. A six year deal would require at least $6mil/season.

    Dave, insert comment about trading Kunitz to clear cap space here: _____________.

  2. I agree that $4.5 million is probably too low, but not by much. The Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry trio in Anaheim are decent comparables, and those guys all make about $5 million per. Parise has one 45 goal season and one 38 goal season. We're not talking about a long track record.

    Shero is on record as saying he doesn't do 10-year deals. Maybe he would make an exception in this case, or at least compromise.

  3. LMAO......I know I've made an impression on people when they not only expect but invite my train of thought to ride along with their own.

    Finesse I'm humbled by the blog style shout

    I actually really want to agree with artistry on this one. The flaw in his argument is that the other players mentioned were all restricted free agents signed by their own club. They never had a chance to test the free agent market and pit one team against another.

    Parise is now 26 and in the middle of his prime years to cash in. His last two years have produced 94 and 82 points.(In New Jersey no less) That's not Ryan Malone style money (4.5 million) That's Marian Hossa money if his deal didn't circumvent the cap (7.0 million per year)

    Now, I glad Shero doesn't do 10 year deals, although he might find himself in a position to at least consider it when its time to resign Crosby.

    Rupp, Kennedy, Asham, Letestu, and Engelland are the FA's I would look to keep the others are expendable becaue of lack of skill, productivity, age, or all three.

    Either way Parise is not an option UNTIL we get rid of a guy like Kunitz.....(see I still managed to get it in there.) He will probably not sign for any less than 6 million a season and I think it will closer to 6.5.

  4. A much more affordable option would be Matt Moulson of the New York Islanders.

    WE actually drafted him years ago in either 02 or 03 and it took him until last year to do anything of substantial note.

    He signed an arbitration deal (2.45 million) this offseason with NYI and is up for FA next year.

  5. No question he could command more money, and someone will pay $6 million. We could only offer term and the chance to play for a contender every year. Hockey is one sport where those things seem to be an actual draw for some players. Mario could throw in use of Suite 66 for private parties.

  6. How about a night out with Evgeni malkin's girlfriend, that alone would be worth alot if it was 1 night a year.

  7. the biggest flaw with this is that parise is a RFA meaning jersey could match nay offer and surely addition he'll be tendered so that the team obtaining him would have to give up a number of draft picks