Saturday, November 6, 2010

GTOPG: Pens Lose; Wash, Rinse, Repeat

By Finesse

We're going to pretend that I didn't watch the game last night and that someone told me the final score was 3-2 Anaheim and that I was asked to write a recap based on what I thought probably happened using the first 13 games of the season as a model:
  • "Really frustrating that we have no wingers who can finish."
  • "What's up with Malkin?  He dominates the puck but isn't scoring."
  • "Man, Letang is playing great.  Other than that one horrible turnover, he was fantastic."
  • "Can't blame Fleury completely, but he has to come up with some big saves."
  • "Just have to be patient with Michalek, eventually he will turn into the player we thought we signed."
  • "Power play sucks.  Should get Paul Martin out there on the #1 unit."
Well, as it turns out, I did watch the game and it was the same recycled garbage that we've been seeing all season.  A few more things:
  • Is it just completely out of the question to ever consider having Crosby and Malkin on separate power plays?  It's seems like heresy to even suggest it around Pittsburgh, but here's why it's worth a try: 1) the power play, as the Situation would say,  is "garbages"; 2) our current second PP unit consists of Mark Letestu, Mike Comrie, and Mike Rupp.  Not exactly "Double Trouble."
  • Speaking of Comrie, GTOG was all over him potentially being an abomination. In our post right after his signing, we wrote that it was a move with more upside than downside.  But, because GTOG is a respected news magazine, we had it confirmed from an actual source (sorry, I know I'm being like Adam Schefter) that Comrie was a "recreational hockey player."  As we wrote: 
Word around the league is that Comrie is known as a "recreational hockey player."  Now, I'm not sure I know exactly what that means, but I'm a recreational hockey player so it can't be a good thing.  Comrie has bounced around to a few teams (Edmonton -> Philadelphia -> Phoenix -> Ottawa -> Islanders -> Ottawa -> Edmonton) and has never really stood out any of the times that we've seen him play.  Is it possible that he just doesn't care?  His family is reportedly worth $500 million so what is the incentive for him to go 100% on the ice?
Comrie: Getting To Someone Else's Game
The lesson: you should read GTOG.

Poise Follow Up:  I am also a recreational hockey player. When Finesse asked me yesterday morning how my Thursday night men's league game went. I described the team's abysmal loss and my un-commanding performance as "Comrie-esque." Finesse replied, "well, considering that you have no puck control and your slap shot looks like a old lady smacking a dirty rug with a broom, that's not surprising." To which I admitted, "yeah, that sounds about right." If Mike Comrie is playing similar to me in Men's league, that's a sure sign that we have a problem. 


  1. At $500,000 Comrie can show up every ten games and earn his money, for all I care. He is getting paid 4th liner salary.

    While I agree Comrie's play has been a large disappointment, there are half a dozen wingers who are getting paid more and not doing all that much more. (Do I really need to mention the name of the guy who spent more time fencing with his old team last night than trying to score goals IN A GAME WHERE WE WERE DOWN 3-0 AT ONE POINT!)

    Deep breath........Ok, Im going to stay calm...........Comrie is a chipped corner of a dilapidated table. I see little reason in focusing on the chip.

  2. I can't remember the last time the Pens played well on the west coast, but the feeling is always the same after watching this kind of thing. You never get used to it.

    This a team built for the playoffs. You know, the time of year when both Craig Adams and Matt Cooke outscore Alex Semin. It's wildly premature to call for some kind of shakeup. Right now, what the Penguins need is for their best players to play great, and - Sid Crosby aside - that is not even close to happening. No one else is exempt from this criticism. Not Fleury, not Malkin, not Paul Martin.

  3. Artistry,

    I agree with everything you just said. I am losing a bit of faith though because last year this team was said to be "built for the playoffs", and we were eliminated because of costly turnovers and almost nonexistent secondary scoring. That pin hole of an air leak has now turned into a rupture in the mian hull.

    So, I don't know how crazy a shake up is. I'm not talking drastic shake up like moving a piece of the core group. But If I have move a complimentary part or two, I'm more than willing to do that. I've already started to compile my list of wingers on different teams that I would look to acquire.

  4. Fair enough, although I doubt you're going to upgrade the lineup by trading a complimentary part. I am firmly in the "Wait until we have our full complement of players; it's only 13 games into an 82 game season" camp. I'm guessing Ray Shero is, too.