Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GTOPG: Pens Dominate Least Interesting Event in MSG History, Win 3-1

By GTOG Staff

Steiggy was all over what was plainly evident to anyone watching the Pens demoralize the Rangers Monday night -- the MSG crowd was absolutely dead.  MSG is usually a tough place to play, but there were times when the fans, and by proxy the team, resembled Shawn Kemp in sex ed class -- uninterested.

Rangers Locker Room
-How excited must Marian Gaborik be to be playing on a line with Erik Christensen and Ruslan Fedetenko?  That's like Meryl Streep in a movie with Ashton Kutcher and Rob Schneider, only if Meryl Streep missed 35% of her scenes with injuries.

-We were ready to slam the activist linesman for calling a hand pass on the Pens in the middle of the second period that prevented a Kunitz-Crosby two-on-one, although the crowd did have the energy of a crowd that would show up to watch an activist referee put on a bad-hand-pass-call clinic.  Well, it turns out that the linesman was correct, as the rule states that in order for a hand pass to be waved off, both the passing and receiving player have to have their skates in the zone.  GTOG is a resource.  Use it.

-The Penguins could easily have had 7 goals last night.  Sid was involved in about that many odd-man breaks.  Kunitz was dangling like he knew what he was doing.  And Guy Letang was flying all over the ice.  But they're not the Washington Captitals.  They are a team with the best penalty killing unit in the league.  They're a team that grinds down the opposition with speed and grit.  And they're a team with a couple of guys who can get you a goal in third period of a tight game.  The Pens are a team built for the playoffs.  Embrace it.

- We love it when HCDB throws out Sid and Geno together immediately after the Pens kill a penalty.  Imagine how much more effective that move will be when he can roll out Jordan Staal on the next shift. 

- Chris Conner owns Henrik Lundqvist (3 goals in 2 games), with an option to buy the three guys he beat from behind the net in the second period.

- It's particularly entertaining that Brandon Dubinsky threatened to take the puck and go home last night after Crosby made him feel bad, for two reasons.  First of all, Brandon Dubinsky is the perfect name for the kid at the playground creating all kinds of unnecessary drama.  Second, Brandon Dubinsky has Sean Avery on his team. 

Picks fights with Tyler Kennedy
- Would have been nice if Geno hit that open net.  His shooting percentage is down to 7%.  For a guy with so many open looks at the net, that's Shaq free throw level bad.  If he gets hot, Brandon Dubinsky is running straight home to mommy.

Finesse's Division Crown Jinx Countdown: 10 out of a possible 10 points.

1. at Florida: W 3-2
2. at Buffalo: W 1-0
3. vs. Ottawa: W 2-1
4. vs. Calgary: W 4-1
5. at New York Rangers: W 3-1
6. vs. Atlanta
7. at Columbus
8. vs. New Jersey
9. vs. Toronto
10. at Buffalo

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