Monday, November 8, 2010

GTOG Exclusive: Big Georges Laraque in "Goon"

By Artistry

We're hearing great things from the set of the movie "Goon," the Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, and Liev Schreiber comedy we first told you about a few months ago.  Director Michael Dowse is shooting all through the night in Winnipeg, with extras filling the stands and cheering some of the most realistic hockey scenes in cinematic history.  Eugene Levy was just cast as Doug "Thug" Glatt's dad.  Sounds like it's all coming together.  And now this:  ex-Penguin Georges Laraque has signed on to play the monstrous "Huntington," one of the enforcers SWS's Glatt has to battle along the way.  Talk about authentic casting.  Laraque is in Winnipeg Monday to shoot his big fight scene.  We have no doubt he'll be very courteous about it.

GTOG will continue to bring you Goon news in the days and weeks ahead.  For starters, we'll have an exclusive interview next week with producers Jesse Shapira and Dave Gross of No Trace Camping.  Their movie is shaping up as this generation's "Slapshot," and we'll get into the story behind the story with Shapira and Gross.  Stay tuned.

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