Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bylsma: Marc-Andre Fleury Needs to Get to His Game

By Finesse

We've detailed that we have readership all over the world.  In fact, our three highest areas of readership concentration are Gibsonia, Winnipeg, and Jakarta.  As we learned this morning in the Trib, we can now count the Pens practice facility at South Pointe as another location of concentrated readership.  As Dan Bylsma said this morning regarding MAF:
"Some of it will have to be who gets it going right now and can play a good game for us, and still keeping in mind that we want to get an appropriate amount of work for Marc to get into his rhythm and get to his game."
Maybe someone should send MAF the link?

Turning to substance, BJ gets the start for the Pens on Wednesday and apparently this is troublesome to Sidney Crosby who thinks Fleury should be given the opportunity to play his way out of this slump.  I'll sit firmly on the fence on this one -- yes, Fleury needs to play if he is going to have any shot at regaining his confidence, but the team is only .500 right now and it is beyond dispute that this Wednesday night against the Bruins, BJ gives the team the best chance of winning.  Let's get at least a little buffer above the .500 mark before we dump the reins in behind the net and see if MAF can stop them.

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  1. Just read Crosby's comments on Fleury in the Trib. How does HCDB handle this one? If this were Mario Lemieux and Pierre Creamer as captain and coach, Creamer would have been fired this morning.