Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Game Today

By Finesse

To those who check the site religiously, thank you, and sorry for no post yesterday or GTOPG from the Pens win over the Sabres.  Quick thoughts, then preview of game today:

  • Huge shutout by Fleury.  The Pens are Cup contenders, if not favorites, if he is sharp.  That's really all that matters.
  • Sid = MVP
  • Buffalo = garbages
Finesse's Division Crown Jinx Countdown: 4 out of a possible 4 points.

1. at Florida: W 3-2
2. at Buffalo: W 1-0
3. vs. Ottawa
4. vs. Calgary
5. at New York Rangers
6. vs. Atlanta
7. at Columbus
8. vs. New Jersey
9. vs. Toronto
10. at Buffalo

Completely winnable game today against Ottawa.  We'll toast to Kovalev's 1000th career point from the other night, because he is one of our favorites.  LGP.

Final thought.  Pitt vs. WVU is a big game today.  Wannstedt will probably lose it.

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