Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today in Ron Cook Poetry: Disarray, I Tell You

By Finesse

We haven't crafted a Ron Cook poem in some time because he seems to have been writing longer paragraphs.  However, when the topic is Joe Paterno, Cook doesn't hesitate to break out the tried and tested strategy of endless rhetorical questions, references to self, and ridiculous repetitions on nonsensical Cook-isms.  He chided Sue Patero several weeks back for not dragging Joe Paterno's near-lifeless body off the sidelines before it actually became a lifeless body right in front of Brent Musberger's eyes.  Now, he's back on the Paterno bashing bandwagon again, this time with a rhetorical question in the actual title of his column.  Take it away, Ron.
Disarray, I Tell You
Please, spare me the nasty e-mails.
This is not piling on an 83-year-old man.
A guess?
Nor will his marvelous career.
See that arm in the air?
That's mine.
I am in that group.
Ok, I admit it.

How can it not be?
That's awful.
Not surprising, but awful.

Timeouts have been wasted.
Has it ever happened?
Disarray, I tell you.
This much is certain:
It's not going to be pretty


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