Thursday, October 28, 2010

Step Up Worldwide (Rick Malambri, Rick Malambri, Rick Malambri)

By Artistry

GTOG is huge in Indonesia.  I'm not kidding.  We've gotten more visitors from that country than we have from Indiana, PA, and they love us in Indiana, PA.  And the Indonesians aren't visiting because they want Penguins' postgame analysis.  No, this phenomenon originated back in August with Finesse's brilliant preview of the Rick Malambri vehicle "Step Up 3D." 

I call the movie a "Rick Malambri vehicle" because it's apparently through mass googling of "Rick Malambri" that so many native Jakartans have found their way to this blog.  Shockingly, it appears there is a scarcity of media attention being directed at Rick Malambri, and these people will take news about Rick Malambri anywhere they can find news about Rick Malambri.  Rick Malambri.

Rick Malambri Look-a-like
Although Step Up 3D underperformed domestically, it was a huge hit overseas, particularly, we're guessing, in Indonesia.  So we're thrilled to announce that producers have been given the greenlight on another Step Up sequel, this one entitled "Step Up 4Ever."  We'll be sure to bring you news about Rick Malambri's effort to set a generation free with one dance move, as it happens.  [Ed. Note:  Rick Malambri.]

Real Rick Malambri

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