Friday, October 22, 2010

Rome Has Fallen; A Dynasty Crumbles

By Artistry

In a shocking edition of "Ted's Take" today, Caps owner Leonsis proclaims his team "average."  You see, they have a lot of injuries, and that requires a juggling of lines.  The Oilers of the 80's didn't have these problems.

Unsure How to Get to Game


  1. But Artistry, if the refs would just give them more playoff overtime powerplays, then they'd have more Cups than the 80's Oilers.

  2. Well first off I think it's a bit premature to compare the capitals to Rome or that they are falling.

    1.) Because Rome was a legendary powerful civilization that changed the world............Washington is bunch of talented offensive players who haven't managed to get past the second round of the playoffs recently.

    2.) Were only a tenth of the way into the season!

    Now, if washington misses the playoffs and in the offseason doesn't manage to resign Semin, Laich and Fleishman and then next year isnt able to sign Green, theeeeeeennnnnn Washington will have fallen! But not until then.

  3. Dave, we are just being sarcastic. When looking at the pens competition,, we fear/respect the Caps as much as anyone. We just like making fun of Leonsis.

  4. Sorry, Dave. Assume our tongue is in cheek most of the time. Unless we're discussing the Bachelorette. Then we're dead serious.

  5. Its cool, I knew you guys were kidding I just wanted to state the differences and it gave me an opportunity to hate on washington.

    Like you guys mine might be a bit more direct but its all in good fun