Thursday, October 21, 2010

NFL Dominating Concussion Talk; NHL Refuses to Concede

By Artistry

The Los Angeles Kings' phenomenal 20-year-old defenseman Drew Doughty is reportedly out for a week after getting conked in the head, news that comes in the midst of a "summit" on hockey concussions that's taking place at the Mayo Clinic. 

Two thoughts on this:  1) the only hope for professional contact sports is for athletes to regress in terms of fitness.  Drink more, exercise less.  Get fatter, slower, and safer.  Everybody wins.
New Prototype?
2)  No way my wife is letting Little Artistry play football or hockey.  I will need to convince him that the ladies love cross country.

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  1. I wish I could ease your mind about Little Artistry, but as a former cross country runner, I picked up a severely disproportionate amount of 40 year old women (as an 18-22 year old) and women who seemed to have some sort of mental illness (though not bad looking, if you're willing to compromise).