Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Morning Skate: LeBron tries to make people laugh; People feel uncomfortable

By Finesse

We don't write a ton about the NBA here, but last night I did watch the Celtics-Heat while I was doing a fantasy basketball draft.  Yes, I do fantasy basketball, and yes, it is actually better than football.  The big story was that the Celtics defeated the star-studded Heat in a tight defensive battle, which is a synonym for "awful game to watch."

The real takeaway is LeBron's new commercial, which is stunning in its failure to be: a) funny; b) good; c) relevant; and d) sensical.  It's awful.  LeBron appears to be trying to take on his critics while at the same time being funny while at the same time selling shoes while at the same time taking jabs at Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.  LeBron strikes me as someone who genuinely is not funny despite his own opinion that he is funny.  In fact, there is a name for athletes who think they are funny, act like they think other people think they are funny, but in reality are really uncomfortable and unfunny: Donovan McNabb.

LeBron has spent his whole life being worshiped, so obviously his buddies from Akron laughed at everything he said.  I don't blame them - when your choice is between laughing at LeBron's unfunny jokes and getting out of Akron or being a night shift manager at the Goodyear tire plant (that probably is now in China), I'm going with laugh. 

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