Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is James Harrison being a little dramatic?

By Finesse

James Harrison is considering retirement after being fined $75,000 for a questionable hit on Cleveland Browns' receiver Mohamed Massaquoi this weekend.  A few things...
  1. He will not retire.  It's preposterous.  End of discussion.
  2. Since it is clear that he won't retire, why talk about it?  He may be trying to make some sort of weird statement to the NFL, but he probably doesn't realize that everyone outside of Pittsburgh hates him and probably wants him to retire.  
  3. I've said for some time now that James Harrison will one day be led off of a football field in handcuffs.  He is a violent individual with freakish strength, who probably will kill someone before his career is over.  It's not really funny when you think about it, but I sure like that he's on the Steelers and not the Ravens.  
  4. I think Mike Ditka's idea for combating concussions - removing facemasks so players are more hesitant to inject their head into a tackle - is intriguing.  It could lead to the first on-field decapitation, but it remains an intriguing idea.
  5. When I saw the headline, "Harrison set to retire" I hoped it was Jerome Harrison because he was on both my fantasy teams this year and has done less than nothing.
Memo to Fans: Don't run on the field


  1. In other NFL news, you think Jeff Reed has behavioral issues? Check out this buffoon:
    Idiot kickers.

  2. A little dramatic? He's being a primadona is what he's being!

    Hey James, you signed a contract worth 50 some million two years ago. Why do you care about a 75,000 dollar fine! You make more than 75k in interest each week. Stop acting like T.O., shut up, and play ball!

    And by the way, if my fantasy defense suffers because "he just don't know what to do" he is officially on my $#!* list. Since when did he ever not know how to hit ANYONE let alone another football player. Just ask his old girlfriend!

    Ahhh I feel better, venting really is therapeutic.