Sunday, October 24, 2010

GTOPG: Pens Lose, You Probably Don't Even Care Anymore

By Finesse

Nothing gets the blood flowing like the 10th game of the season on the road against St. Louis.  The Pens lost 1-0 in overtime, but this is one of those games when you're happy that the NHL switched to the 3-point system because you can at least say, "Hey, we got a point."  In the grand scheme of the season, this will probably be the most forgettable fact, I barely remembered it when I woke up this morning.  Quick thoughts:
  • BJ is really earning his playing time.  He was fantastic again last night, and there is no reason for him to blame himself for that last goal.  He may have been trying to whack his stick off Paul Martin, not the post.
  • Pascal Dupuis and Max Talbot are not producing anything.
  • Speaking of not producing, Eric Tangradi looks like he'll be the first to go when Asham and/or Staal return.  He barely gets any playing time as is (too lazy to confirm with stat sheet, but if he did have a lot of playing time then that is even worse because I didn't notice him).
  • Mark Letestu had a rough night - he looked like a rookie for the first time, getting pushed off the puck with ease.
  • Don't be upset with Paul Martin for that turnover.  He's already done 50 times more good things than bad things.
  • The best thing to come out of this game: Confirmation that Jaroslav Halak is out of the Eastern Conference.  Of all the goalies in the league, he has to scare you the most (from a Pens perspective) at this point, right?  He was solid again last night, confidently turning aside good scoring chances.  I doubt the Blues will be in the Finals, so good luck to the Western Conference in dealing with that.
On to the next one.  Go Steelers.

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  1. Halak was outstanding but his teamates allowed very few decent scoring chances. There were probably only two or three where I remember he was moving side to side.

    I am not a fan of games like that. It's like watching soccer, and although I played it I hate watching it. The WORST part is I cant even take any solace in the fact that Malkin or Crosby helped their point totals. I would have rather lost to the blues 7 to 6 with Crosby and Malkin both picking 4 points a piece.

    It was just frustrating in general. I'll leave my "winger" soapbox off to the side. But it couldn't have hurt..lmao

    On a positive note, Matt Cooke brought it in a big way last night. I was not a fan of the hit he put on Savard last year, but he may have been one of shero's best signings this offseason.