Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goon Movie Update: Seann William Scott and Liev Schreiber are IN

By Artistry

Earlier this month we brought you the news that "Goon," a Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg-penned screenplay that we hope will develop into this generation's "Slapshot," was set to begin production in Winnipeg.  At 2:32 a.m. this morning our source confirmed to GTOG that Seann William Scott will indeed play the lead role of enforcer Doug "the Thug" Glatt.  Despite all kinds of speculation to the contrary, he will NOT be involved in the Kevin Smith project "Hit Somebody."  We knew SWS was leaning this way, but the major breaking news of the morning is the addition of Schreiber as Glatt's antagonist Ross "The Boss" Reardon.  This is a HUGE coup for the "Goon" production.  Schreiber is a serious, method actor, and he'll bring an authenticity and real sense of menace to the role.  You may have seen him recently in the Angelina Jolie film Salt or as "Sabretooth" in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  We predict a handle-bar mustache and a perfect Canadian accent.

Liev Schreiber
Meanwhile, Seann William Scott, the star of "Role Models" and "American Pie" is apparently taking his preparation for the "Goon" role very seriously.  SWS is putting in four hours a day of on-ice training with a hockey coordinator, and we hear he looks fantastic out there.  This is a guy who already has an affinity for mixed martial arts, and now he's turning himself into an actual hockey player.  That's a level of commitment we didn't expect for a sports comedy.

Seann William Scott
In addition, French-Canadien actor Marc-Andre Grondin will play the Thug's highly skilled teammate Xavier Laflamme, a former first round NHL draft pick in need of some protection and some inspiration.  Grondin's IMDB profile refers to him as the "Canadian Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal."  I'm not sure I could identify the actual Gael Garcia Bernal if he walked into my office, but if you happened to see Grondin's breakout role in the critically acclaimed but not widely seen film C.R.A.Z.Y., you know he's a phenomenal addition to this cast.  It's encouraging to see the producers bring some authenticity to the role of the French Canadian hockey star by casting an actual French Canadian.  I think we can all agree that it's best to leave Keanu Reeves out of this.

Marc-Andre Grondin
Finally, but just as critical to the film's success, Goon producers have cast Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Allison Pill as Doug's love interest.  You may never have heard of Pill either, but GTOG is going on record here:  she's the real deal.  A legitimate star on the rise.  Everyone will know her in about two years.  Watch.

Allison Pill
The movie industry is a tumultuous thing these days.  These things don't come together as easily as they once did.  But it looks like "Goon" is becoming a reality.  We'll be bringing you more "Goon" news as it happens.  Also, make sure to catch GTOG's  NHL season preview, continuing with new features each day leading up to opening night on October 7.  Maintain your focus.  Remember your priorities.  GTOG.

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