Thursday, October 14, 2010

B.J. to start Friday night

By Finesse

Dan Bylsma is going with Brent Johnson in goal this Friday night at CEC against the Islanders and possibly even again on Saturday at Philadelphia, according to the Post-Gazette.

Fleury's first three games this season have been horocious.  BJ's one game was solid, if not very solid.  Some wouldn't even hedge on the solidity of BJ's game against the Devils and would just call it, "real solid."  It's way, way too early to talk about a benching of Fleury for any more than a game here and there, but I am in total support of starting BJ this Friday.  The Pens desperately need to win a game at home before this new arena thing becomes an albatross around their neck all season (I don't know what an albatross is, but people always say it is around a neck).  With the unsteadiness of Fleury, BJ gives the Pens a better chance of winning tomorrow.

We stand behind Bylsma on this call.

Get to your game, BJ.


  1. I actually disagree with this move. The Pens have only scored more than two goals in 1 of 4 games (if you don't include Martin's empty net goal). Fleury has been a bit shaky, but I don't think horrendous -- he's playing without some of our top defensemen and without Staal. Last night, two goals were not his fault at all (the PP one and the quick pass from behind the net).

    If Pens were losing 6-5, I might agree with this. However, after a terrible postseason and a sluggish start, Fleury should remain in net to rebuild his confidence. If doubt in himself and from his teammates mounts this early, it won't be good for the long haul.

  2. Great move to start BJ, I fully support.

  3. We all need to weigh in on this. Beyond Fleury's play - which we can all agree isn't good enough - Bylsma is sending a message of urgency to the rest of the team here. We can't wait another week to get to our game. It's the right move.

  4. I agree with sending a message of urgency, but if that message is going to be conveyed by benching Fleury, then at least 5 others should join him.

    But, really, everything is going to be okay. It's 4 games in. We have new players that need time to adjust, three KEY injuries, lost all games by one goal, and beat NJ for the first time in 7 games (on the road, too). We're mediocre right now, no doubt. But we'll be fine. We just can't afford a mentally weak Fleury and I fear that benching him this early in the season will create that. Use other plays to send a message of urgency.

  5. Eloquence, your concerns are legitimate. Correct as you may be about Fleury's fragile confidence, however, isn't it an indictment of Fleury that we are all so concerned about his psyche after what is admittedly only 3 bad games? This is a guy who has been in the league for 6 years and played in countless playoff series. At some point, I think the burden falls on him to be able to deal with a slump (and perhaps temporary benching) without letting it mentally harm him.

  6. That's fair and I may be underestimating his mental toughness (or over emphasizing this concern). I just don't think he's been as bad as some are suggesting.