Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today in Ron Cook's Hubris

By Finesse

There isn't quite enough ammo for a full Cook poem today, probably because Cook was too busy making references to himself throughout today's column about Rashard Mendenhall carrying a bigger burden with Dennis Dixon getting the start at QB on Sunday against the Falcons.  It contains the following references to self:
I'm not sure...
I'd feel a whole lot better...
...if I knew...
I'm thinking...
...if you ask me.
He can play on my team any day.
No worries.
That's a comforting thought...
...I'll be surprised.
If you haven't already read our rules to drafting a Ron Cook column, you need to get on that.  Art imitates life...and then some.



  1. I wish I could play on Ron Cook's team.

  2. "I" usually plays on Ron Cook's team!