Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today in Ron Cook Poetry: Bob Pompeani is Crazy

 By Artistry

Today Ron Cook reminds us no fewer that three times that Pitt must win the Big East in a column practically throbbing with Cookisms.  It's pretty much a verbatim transcript of his conversation with Bob Pompeani, it's glorious, and it's "Today in Ron Cook Poetry."

Are You Out of Your Mind?
Bob Pompeani is Crazy

I told him he was ridiculous.
What if Pitt loses?
I told him he was nuts.
Say Pitt beats Utah.
You read that right.
The Big East is the big prize, people.
You, too, Pomp.
Nor should you.
I repeat:
The Big East is the big prize.
You want to talk about "must-wins"?
There's only one for Pitt this season.
It must win the Big East.

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