Friday, September 3, 2010

Pens Sign "Recreational Hockey Player" Named Mike Comrie

By Finesse

Ray Shero is at it again, continuing his streak of shrewd signings that have little or no downside.  Today, the Pens inked former Oilers' LW Mike Comire to a 1-year/$500,000 contract, he of married-to-Hilary-Duff fame.  Quick background on Comrie - he's a two-time 30-goal scorer, had 13 goals in 43 games with Edmonton last season (not a bad pace for the worst team in the league) and will turn 30 years old next week.  From a hockey perspective, this is another move that makes sense - a veteran winger (a la Aaron Asham) with some pedigree at a bargain basement price.  But from a non-hockey perspective, is it a good move? 

Word around the league is that Comrie is known as a "recreational hockey player."  Now, I'm not sure I know exactly what that means, but I'm a recreational hockey player so it can't be a good thing.  Comrie has bounced around to a few teams (Edmonton -> Philadelphia -> Phoenix -> Ottawa -> Islanders -> Ottawa -> Edmonton) and has never really stood out any of the times that we've seen him play.  Is it possible that he just doesn't care?  His family is reportedly worth $500 million so what is the incentive for him to go 100% on the ice?

Also, there is the Hilary Duff factor.  Will Comrie be jealous leaving her alone with Ron Burkle?  I'm jealous when Ron Burkle is in the same state as a girl I'm pursing so I can't imagine how Comrie will feel when Burkle and Lemieux offer Duff a glass of '78 Bordeaux in the plush new owner's box at the CEC while Comrie is 300 feet away on the ice.  Hopefully he doesn't let her on Burkle's plane.

Do we really want Duff around Crosby?  We all like to imagine that Crosby spends his free time on frozen beaches in Nova Scotia doing leg raises with Kegs of Molson strapped to his ankles - is it possible that Duff puts a little Hollywood in Sid's system?  (That actually wouldn't be a bad thing for Sid.  He doesn't exactly exude electricity.)  Duff's most recent accomplishment was being part of a threesome on Gossip we want her on the set with Geno and Alyonka doing a cooking show?

In all seriousness, we aren't concerned about Duff.  We couldn't care less about her.  But Comrie on the ice?  We're less sure, but as is usually the case with Shero, it's a signing with more upside than downside.



  1. I really like this signing. I'm on dial-up, so I can't really investigate too much, but weren't all those teams pretty bad while Comrie was on them? Maybe not, but if so, then it seems like we might get a nice, bargain 25 goal scorer.

    What line do you guys think? I imagine him at least getting a chance on the top two.

  2. I think he'll get a chance at top 2 lines, but not really sure what that means. The Pens change their line pairings so often, that pretty much everyone has a chance at some point to be on the top-2.

    25 goals would be an ENORMOUS amount of production for 500K. We pay Kunitz almost $4 million for 12 goals.

  3. Hey Finesse - Bulk up a little. Maybe they'll invite you to camp, too. And who's the babe you're after? Drewfus.

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