Friday, September 3, 2010

Down Goes Leftwich

By Artistry

Look, when Ron Cook gets on a roll like this, no one has the energy to convert every one of his columns into a poem.  But this morning I have to give you the abbreviated version of "Today in Ron Cook Poetry" because of the timeliness of Cook's words:   

Not Dennis Dixon.
The Steelers can hope right?

Powerful stuff.  Cook is going out on a limb and saying Charlie Batch will be the Steelers' starting quarterback on opening day now that Byron Leftwich is out with a sprained knee, suffered in last night's completely, utterly, it's impossible to emphasize this enough, meaningless final exhibition game against Carolina.  I didn't even realize the Steelers played last night and they lost their starting quarterback?  How could this happen?
Mike Tomlin blew this one.  Byron Leftwich's knees are in danger every time he leaves the house in the morning.  He has a history, he's putting a lot of weight on those suckers, and he has the mobility of, um, Bryon Leftwich.

The Steelers are hanging by a thread already this season.  In the first four weeks of the season, we're looking at Atlanta and Baltimore at home, Tampa Bay and Tennessee on the road.  That looks like 1-3 to me, maybe 2-2 after I have my coffee.  Either way, thanks again, Ben.

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