Thursday, September 16, 2010

Net Mouth Scramble: Staal, Brady, Jeter, and Schefter

By Finesse

  • Jordan Staal's foot is infected and it looks like he will miss the beginning of the season.  This is not a surprise.  The news about his foot over the summer was consistently negative and every time Shero gave a prediction about his availability for the start of the season, it was laden with caveats and hedging.  This is not a good thing for the Penguins, but the team has plenty of forwards to hopefully pick up the slack.  Looking at the positive side of things, it will provide more of an opportunity for some of the young guys and new additions to prove their value.  It sucks seeing Staal's iron-man streak come to an end, but I prefer his streak of being a beast in the playoffs.
  • I thought that choking in the Super Bowl against the Giants and having his knee Carson-Palmer'd in the first game of the following season would have humbled Tom Brady but he has reclaimed his spot atop my list of players who I hope are the victim of a cheap shot.  I understand that the speculation is that the car accident was not his fault, but might it not have been in bad taste for him to sign a gazillion dollar extension that same night while one of the passengers in the other car was in the hospital in serious condition?  I know he can't put his life on hold, but it's a little suspect.  And now he calls out Patriots' fans for leaving in the second half of a blowout against the Bengals.  It was a blowout - the fans, whose ticket purchases enable Brady to sign that contract, can do whatever they want.  Someone needs to remind Brady that he hasn't won a Super Bowl in 6 years - it's time for him to be brought down a notch or two and I will be begrudgingly rooting for the Jets to do that this weekend.  
  • Derek Jeter pretended to get hit by a pitch last night (the ball actually hit his bat) and the next batter hit a home-run.  I don't know how I feel about this because I'm not sure yet whether it is against the "unwritten rules of baseball."  Unfortunately, there is no list.  If the unwritten rules of baseball say it is ok to act like you've been assassinated by a ball that never touched you, then I think it was a bush league move. However, if the unwritten rules say that it is NOT ok to flop around like Chris Osgood, then I applaud Jeter.  To those defending Jeeeetah, I would like to point out that if A-Rod did this, the reaction may be slightly different...
  • Allow me to vent about Adam Schefter, ESPN's NFL "reporter."  Adam is not a reporter.  He is a mouthpiece.  He never breaks any story that a team or the league doesn't want to be broken.  He rarely cites actual sources, but instead just says "sources."  Anonymous sources are ok in certain circumstances (ex. Watergate), but when that is all you rely on, then you are being used.  Adam, pull up a chair...ESPN and the NFL have a very cozy relationship.  They are building you up as a "brand" for reasons that escape me, but nevertheless, you are being used as a mouthpiece to "leak" info that the league and teams want you to leak.  It is better for the NFL if they help build intrigue by making it look like you are releasing information that they don't want released.  If you are actually a reporter, then it would be nice to see you break a story that the NFL and/or ESPN (is there any difference?) are uncomfortable and actually name your source.  It's the same thing that was happening during the LeBron-o-mania with Chris Broussard.  Sources close to ESPN tell me you're worthless.  

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