Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get To Our Postgame: "I seem to amaze myself."

By Finesse

OT: Steelers 15, Falcons 9

Artistry is proud of the name "Get To Our Postgame" for our regular Monday/Tuesday feature and I'm happy that I have some time to indulge myself and write down my thoughts on Steelers-Falcons and other sporting issues from the weekend.
  • At this point in the season, VERY solid W for the Steelers.  The defense looked fantastic - Timmons was a beast (the roughing the passer call on him was Charmin-soft), Woodley gets his sacks by throwing offensive linemen into the quarterback, Harrison has proven that he is physically abusive unstoppable without being held, and James Farrior was serviceable (which, after his performance last season, is a welcoming sign).  That's probably the best 4-man linebacker unit in the league...in fact, it probably isn't even close.  Add a healthy Polamalu, Hampton and Smith to the mix, and this Steelers' D looks dramatically improved over the end of last season (albeit it is still just one game).  And Bryant McFadden is an upgrade simply because he at least appears to know what he is doing out there.
  • Not overly impressed by Dennis Dixon, but he did enough.  He missed a few layup third down throws that would have been much more costly if Atlanta had been moving the ball better.  There was discussion on Stan & Guy yesterday about what to do if Leftwich was available to play this week - start him or continue to go with Dixon.  It should be a no-brainer - stick with Dixon until something goes wrong.
  • When Atlanta coach Mike Smith tried to freeze Jeff Reed before one of his field goals on Sunday, we tweeted, "Jeff Reed has alcohol in his veins.  You can't freeze alcohol."  Well, it turns out that maybe having alcohol in his veins is a bad thing because missing that 40-yard field goal at the end of regulation is inexcusable.  If you're going to cry about your contract, then at least make the kicks.
  • Speaking of crying, why is Hines Ward still so angry about being drafted in the 3rd round?  First of all, being drafted in the 3rd round is not a slight - it's still relatively high.  Tom Brady picked in the 6th round is a slight.  Second, he was a classic "tweener" in college as his Wikipedia page points out.  He wasn't exceptional at any one thing, so who would have predicted he would develop into such a solid receiver?  If he wanted to be drafted higher, he should have been better in college.  Third, he was drafted 12 years ago.  At some point, he needs to get over this perceived slight.  He still uses it as motivation which I guess is fine because it makes him play better, but it's annoying.  He's been to the Pro Bowl four times and has won a Super Bowl MVP.  No one is slighting you anymore, Hines.  Fourth, even LeBron James rolled his eyes when he read that Hines Ward said, "I seem to amaze myself."  I hope Little Artistry says that when he completes potty-training.
  • Speaking of people who amaze me - Daniel Sepulveda.  A world-class punter and a world-class holder on field-goals. GTOG has total confidence in him.  He may be the best player in the league.  
  • For some reason the bar I was at watching the game didn't have it in HD.  If it is true that the camera adds 10 pounds, then Mike Tomlin must have been filmed by the paparazzi.
  • Maurkice Pouncey is already the best offensive lineman on the Steelers.  Consider the center position solidified for the next 12 years.  That was an incredibly shrewd draft pick by the Steelers, not just because of Pouncey's ability, but because the Steelers play in a division with tough interior d-lineman that have been giving the Steelers fits for the past few years - Shaun Rogers and Haloti Ngata.  If he can handle those guys, he may be fortunate enough one day to wait 5 years to get into the Hall of Fame like Dermontti Dawson.
  • We all saw Crosby's homerun out of PNC Park.  I would love to see him attempt challenges from other sports.  This week's would be a 50-yard field goal.  I predict it would be good from 60.
Non-Steelers Thoughts...
  • No shame in Penn State losing at 'Bama.  If you watched the whole game, as I did, then you knew PSU never had a chance to win but did make some nice plays that would have kept the game more competitive if not for Bolden insisting on throwing passes in the red zone while getting drilled in the ribs.  But isn't Evan Royster supposed to be good?  He is playing himself into signing with an NFL team as an undrafted free agent.
  • Great tan for JoePa.
  • Mark Sanchez?  Ooof.  I was with Poise watching his attempted 2-minute debacle drill last night against the Ravens and made an analogy that involves one's sanitation habits in the bathroom that may be a little inappropriate for the blog.  But you can email us and I'd be happy to share. 
  • Artistry is not glad his two fantasy QBs are Kevin Kolb and Matthew Stafford.
  • It was a blessing in disguise for Federer that he lost to Djokovic because he was not going to beat Nadal in that final.  Nadal is a machine right now.  He forces people to hit perfect shots to beat him every time. 
  • Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN is worse-than-unwatchable.  It's non-watchable, meaning I physically cannot watch it.  I'll die.
  • Brent Musberger is the best TV play-by-play guy in the business right now (and has been for 30 years) and John McEnroe is the best analyst.  Not even close. 


    1. kolb and stafford is a pretty hideous tandem.

    2. Way to rub salt in the wound Randy!