Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anonymous source confirms to GTOG Insider Finesse that Adam Schefter is worthless

By Finesse

Last week I railed against ESPN NFL "Insider" Adam Schefter for never citing actual sources and simply being used as a mouthpiece for information that the league and teams want to be revealed.  His citation of purely anonymous sources is meant to make it appear that he is "breaking news," when in reality he never breaks anything that isn't part of a careful plan to disseminate information to fans according to a schedule dictated by the NFL, ESPN, and the 32 franchises.

Today's ESPN article about Kevin Faulk (which I read solely because I picked up BenJarvus Green-Ellis in my fantasy league) contains the following "report" from Schefter:
A league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the Patriots would put Faulk on season-ending injured reserve on Wednesday.
Is this really something that has to be cited anonymously?  The guy has a torn ACL and openly wept about his season being over...but Schefter can't get anyone on record to confirm a technical roster move that everyone expected anyway?

By the way, we're all confused by the new trend to put syllables in front of first names, (ex. JaMarcus, DaBrickashaw), but when did it become acceptable to simply layer one first name on top of another like BenJarvus?  Within 5 years I predict there will be a fullback playing in the NFL named DaMarcusJaMichael.


  1. does he have a twitter that you can call him out on?

  2. Anonymous source confirms that you are an assface