Friday, August 6, 2010

Today in Ron Cook Poetry (and Links)

Ron Cook introduces a new weapon to his verbal arsenal in today's column about Pitt's response to the allegedly violent conduct of star defensive end Jabaal Sheard:  the conjunction followed by a colon.  Deadly.  With that, we bring you Today in Ron Cook Poetry and some links for the end of the work week after the jump...

"What's the big deal?"
"Is Pitt supposed to cut off his legs?"
"The Utah game is huge."
And, my favorite:

"He had to be provoked."
Maybe you're buying it.
I'm not.
I think it's nonsense.
Well, guess what?
That's just flat-out wrong.
But that thought passed quickly.

As you're digesting that literary gem (wait for about a half hour before swimming after reading Ron Cook Poetry), here are a few links for your enjoyment this morning.

Pensblog got a tour of Consol. Best line of their review: Along the path leading from the Pens locker room to the bench is something called "Suite 66." This is basically the room where you realize how much better of a person, hockey player, etc. 66 is than you.

Not sure whether any of our readers care about "Real Housewives of D.C." (we certainly don't), but Lisa de Moraes is probably the best TV writer in the country. She writes for the Washington Post and can absolutely fillet people in just a few paragraphs. She's always worth a read.

Puck Daddy says Kovalchuk decision expected Monday.

Finally, you may have seen this, but his grandma is going to whip this young man's behind.

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