Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today in Ron Cook Poetry: 85 Degrees and Muggy

By Finesse

Ron Cook is back with a vengeance.  Today he makes it clear that while he doesn't want it to happen, Joe Paterno is likely going to die on the sideline during this season.  He also continues his campaign against women - first, it was female Korean professional golfers and now it's Sue Paterno, Joe's wife.  [Note: a seminal moment in GTOG history just occurred.  I was searching for the link to Cook's anti-Korea crusade from a few months ago and in my Google search for "Ron Cook Korea Golf," GTOG's post about it appeared before the actual Cook article.  Ron Cook Poetry is now officially more popular than Ron Cook.]  We tackled the Paterno issue a couple weeks ago and it sparked a lot of discussion.  If only I could have been as eloquent as Cook.

85 Degrees and Muggy

What if it's 85 degrees and muggy?
What if it's 28 that day with snow flurries and a bitter wind?
I don't think so, either.
Heck, I'm worried he might not make it through it.
His weight was down.
He was frail.
He sounded terrible.
Really, it's time for him to get out.
That's a given.
I have serious doubts.
How can you not?
I'm also guessing he will refuse.
No one wants to see him collapse at the 50-yard line.

Coach 'em up, Joe.


  1. i can only ever laugh my ass off and pray that ron cook reads these.