Thursday, August 12, 2010


By Finesse

In the "as if you needed more evidence that we know what we are talking about" category:  Last week, we surveyed the landscape of the current NHL in the aftermath of free agency and asked, was the Fleury contract worth it?  We (Artistry) noted that the current trend is away from big money goaltenders and toward strength on the blue line and down the middle.  Well, apparently Ron Wilson and Darren Elliot agree.  Oh, and there are whispers (we don't believe them) that Vancouver GM Mike Gillis is actually hoping that the NHL voids the Roberto Luongo contract in light of its decision on the Kovalchuk deal so that the Canucks can get out from his huge contract and find, you guessed it, a lower priced goalie.  We stand behind our conclusion that the Fleury contact was, and continues to be, a very shrewd move by Ray Shero.  But, it is definitely apparent that the pendulum in the NHL is swinging away from big money goalies.

Also, thanks to our readers for their great feedback and discussion on our endorsement of Joe Paterno yesterday.  Read more about it in the comment section to yesterday's post.  Great stuff there, Anonymous.

Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin is being coy about the starting QB for Saturday night's pre-season opener against the Lions.  Why all the secrecy?  No one cares.  This would be like the Pirates not revealing who is starting their game on Saturday night against the Astros.  Two meaningless games and two decisions that no one should care about.  That being said, I'm excited to see Dennis Dixon get some playing time.  We know what Leftwich's abilities and limitations are so this pre-season should be about Dixon.

A lot of our reality TV fans have been asking us to live blog and/or comment on the Jersey Shore.  We hate to disappoint, but it is unlikely that we will have much to say about it for one simple reason -- Jersey Shore is perfect as it is.  There is nothing we could say about it that would make it any funnier or better.  The key difference between Jersey Shore and the Bachelorette is that Jersey Shore is clearly a parody and everyone who watches is in on the joke.  That is HARDLY the case with the Bachelorette.  The funny part about that show is how seriously the contestants and, more notably, the fans take that show.  It never gets old to hear Ali describe how she gave up "everything" to become a celebrity and be on a TV show that gives her everything she wants.  So, we love Jersey Shore, but like every great artist, you have to know when to put the brush down.

We don't care about the Jet Blue flight attendant who slid out of his plane on the inflatable exit.  As USA Today aptly put it:
Small wonder that Slater got fed up. Cursed by an obnoxious passenger after a dispute over luggage, he returned the insult over the plane's P.A. system. Then he lowered the emergency chute, grabbed a beer, thanked the better-behaved passengers on board and slid into celebrity, a fleeting hero to his beleaguered peers and recession-pressed millions who'd also like to tell their employers to take this job and shove it.
Who doesn't get it? It's the nature of the times, in the air and on the ground.
Heroism is about selflessness and grace under pressure. Think of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the veteran US Airwayscaptain who coolly guided his crippled plane to a safe landing in the Hudson River last year.
Aping a rude customer and abandoning ship don't qualify. Slater is just a guy who flamed out, albeit in a colorfully instructive way. His antics should remind fliers that as bad as they have it, the employees trying to serve them have it much worse. For all practical purposes, they've been enduring a recession for decades.
We'll read anything about Sully.

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