Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Net Mouth Scramble: Boomer the Dog, Chris Pronger, Joe Paterno, the Jets, and Snooki

By Finesse

There really isn't much going on right now that moves our meter so here are a few links and notes.

    • Some NHL agents are upset and surprised that the NHL prevailed in its arbitration against the Kovalchuk contract and the next big issue is whether the NHL can and will go after existing contracts that were already approved by the league.  Pensblog asks what it all means.  Here's hoping that the league does not go after the Pronger deal because he will count $5 million against their salary cap for the next 7 years, regardless of when he retires.  In the 7th year of his deal, Pronger will be the first player in NHL history to actually sit down on the ice during a shift to rest.
    • The NFL is once again taking over the sports airwaves and I'm frankly getting a little tired of hearing about how great the Jets are going to be.  They finished 9-7 last year and only made the playoffs because their final two opponents rested their starters (remember the Colts blowing the perfect season?).  But for those who feel like the Jets to the Super Bowl story lines may be a little premature, it's only going to get worse.  The Darrelle Revis holdout becomes a bigger story by the day and the Jets are the focus of this season's Hard Knocks series on HBO.  I'm not saying the Jets won't be good -- I think they will make the playoffs -- but let's all just settle down for a few minutes.  
    • Ben Roethlisberger is doing yoga with his mom.  No word yet on whether she agreed.
    • Joe Paterno has been nominated for the national Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the country.  In GTOG's mind, this is well-deserved.  A great human being.  Also, Paterno should be allowed to go out on his own terms - anyone who is thinking its time to hang it up should try to put him/herself in Paterno's shoes...what else is he going to do?  Sit and home and wait to die?  Of course he has lost a step (or a dozen) and isn't truly running every aspect of the program like he used to, but so what?  The team is still winning games, and even though it probably isn't a true contender for the BCS Title Game, it always has a shot at getting to a BCS game.  He has surrounded himself with capable people (huge fan of Tom Bradley) and there really isn't any guarantee that making changes would lead to better results.  He isn't embarrassing himself and instead of people thinking that his age is a detriment, maybe it just means he knows a thing or two that you don't.  Coach 'em up Joe.
    • Some members of GTOG went to see Step Up 3D this past weekend and, for the most part, our preview was right on point.  It was really remarkable though to watch people who are so good at one thing (dancing) while simultaneously so bad at another thing (acting).  I'll go see it again if someone comes up with rules for a "finding the plot holes" drinking game.
    • Snooki is too pretty for jail. 


    1. Meanwhile In Elevator Shaftway...

      (LUKE) "What is it you love about dancing Mr. Boomer the Dog?"

      (BOOMER THE DOG) "Everything you need to know about Boomer the Dog is in my dancing."

      (LUKE) "Everything? That makes no sense, but I'm too scared to go to film school"

      (MOOSE) "That is so sick! I want to dress up like the Olsen Twins and be the first person in the history of learning to ever double major in Mechanical Engineering and Dance."

      (HOBNOSE BOARDERCOLLIE) "I am single too."

      (NATALIE) "Let's take a 12 day train trip to California together and bring tons of fitted hats and no luggage."

      (FUNKMASTER FLEX) "He didn't get that Dog costume at Foot Locker."

    2. Finesse, by saying Paterno deserves Medal of Freedom, did you mean he deserves "Medal of milking a cozy situation for so long that he doesn't even bother to do the work anymore and instead watches others do it from a press box"? I could see how you'd get the two confused -- by not actually having a ton of responsibilities, he does have a ton of freedom. And deserves a medal for that.

    3. "Anonymous" -

      You say that Paterno is milking a cozy situation...but isn't he the one who created the cozy situation? Isn't he the one who has earned it? It's not like he was given the job based on nepotism - he earned it.

      You're displaying what is wrong with a lot of people in society -- a total disrespect for older people. You probably look at him as a nuisance standing in the way of someone younger. But don't you have parents? Are they old? Maybe they should stop milking a cozy situation and get out of the way so you have more responsibility and can fulfill your ultimate destiny of posting anonymous comments on blogs.

    4. Finesse,

      Does Paterno carry the same workload as did 10 years ago (or anything close to it -- let's say 75%)?

      If no, has his salary/benefits from a public institution been decreased accordingly?

      If the answer to #1 is yes, then I'm in the wrong. If the answer to #1 is no, as well as the answer to #2, then I think you're reply is wrong -- by a long shot.

      Frankly, I don't really care about the Medal. Something to be said for staying at the same job for 30 years (especially when it makes you a millionaire and a legend -- but he earned that -- no question he's a great coach). However, it's time to step down even though he's created a lot of the success. The system around him (major donors, a big school, a football state) are all factors in his success (he doesn't become who he is if he's the head coach at North West Christian College of Oregon for 30 years).

      I love old people. I just don't like when people -- older or young -- get paid for work they aren't doing.

    5. You are concerned that Paterno isn't working as much as he has in the past as if you want him to punch a clock. Doesn't work that way for people like him. His "brand" is just as important as the amount of hours he puts in reviewing game tape. He created this brand and if it is responsible for selling 110,000 tickets every week, then he deserves to be compensated for it even if he coaches from his house while listening on the radio.
      Paterno brings in an incredible amount of money for the school and, more importantly to you, for the state. 110,000 people attend these games and spend money in State College which goes right back to the state in taxes. Could PSU generate as much revenue without Paterno? Maybe, but maybe not.
      Let's say he makes $3 million a year (probably higher than reality). According to you, PSU should cut this to $1.5 because he doesn't work enough. That saves $1.5 million dollars but maybe causes him to step down. Then you bring in a new coach and pay less but what if the team suffers and 90,000 show up to a game against Indiana instead of 110,000. To save 50% of Paterno's salary you risk sacrificing millions more in revenue.
      If a new coach comes in and the team does better, great. But financially, could the program really make that much MORE money? It is possible that a new coach could get the team extra revenue from more BCS appearances but we've already established that it is a huge risk.
      Of course "the system around him" is a factor to his success, but that "system" is attributable to him as much as it is to objective factors like location, donors, etc. Arizona is a similar size school with similar resources and is even more attractive to recruits in many ways than PSU. And they suck. And the reason Paterno never coached at North West Christian College of Oregon is that he is a better coach than that. That's like saying Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't have been as successful if he had to create Facebook using a computer with 1GB of memory and a dial-up modem.

    6. All fair points. Just think there is reason and plenty of evidence to be skeptical of monarchs in the sports world. Paterno deserves credit and compensation for his brand, for sure. I'm pretty sure he's doing alright though. He's been given plenty and much is deserved. If he wants to make more just being a brand, he should be a spokesperson for Colonial Penn Life Insurance with Ed McMahon (sp?), be a symbol to help PSU recruit, get paid a $1/year like many wealthy people working at nonprofits, and prepare his successor to keep the program selling out and winning games -- that would be the best for everyone (except maybe Paterno's ego).

    7. Or maybe he is still coaching and deserves a salary for it? It's nice to think that everyone who is "doing alright" should work for free, but this is America - people can work for free if they want or they can work for a salary as long as someone is willing to pay it.

      He might need the money for new pants...

    8. You're not sure if he still coaches? My point exactly.

      By "doing alright" I mean being a multi-millionaire. Plenty of people with much less volunteer there time at places they care about.

      I hope he wears Dockers. At least look good if you're going to stop coaching with 7 minutes left before halftime.

    9. We've already established that it doesn't matter how many hours he puts in. You seem to be very sure that he isn't working hard, and all I'm saying is that maybe he does more than you think.

      Paterno's charitable efforts are well-documented and are the main focus of his Medal of Freedom nomination. I'm with you that those who have a lot have a responsibility to give back, but I think Paterno fits that category, and then some. So if he chooses to still work for money, I will not begrudge him for doing so. He isn't making his money to the detriment of others or at other peoples' expense. He is doing good work along the way and gives back more than probably 95% of people in a similar financial situation.

      If you were 80 with diarrhea you might leave the field too. He came back for the second half of that game. No word on whether he changed pants.

    10. If I were 80 with diarrhea, I'd definitely leave the field. I don't blame him for doing so. But that's kind of my point -- he's not able to fulfill his duties as head coach if he has to leave the field and this could be related to his age. Older people often need the bathroom more often than others. But maybe he was just sick and unrelated to age. but probably not.

      He's a good guy, just not sure his role at this point is best for preparing the next era of PSU football to be a success.

    11. I'd like to see some statistics to back up your blanket generalization that "older people often need the bathroom more often than others."