Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing GTOG on Twitter and the Best of the Rest

By Eloquence

GTOG is fan friendly; we're also smart. So we've got our Twitter account going now that our online news magazine is bustling along and the servers we overheated upon our launch have been fixed.  In honor of this announcement, we highlight some of the best, worst, and most mysterious Twitter accounts of hockey and Pittsburgh figures after the jump...

Some of the best

Darren Pang:
The self-deprecating humor in his Twitter bio is great (e.g., “Zero shutouts in 81 GP”).  Pang Chung also takes the time to mention and discuss the second and third page stories and interact with others. Though I'm a bit surprised the former goalie chose to publicize his choice of pets:

Pittsburgh Penguins:
The Penguins might have the best customer service and most fan friendly culture of any business around -- in Pittsburgh or anywhere else. Take a look at the twitter feed here versus other teams. The Pens communications department isn’t simply broadcasting messages like some teams (we won’t mention names); it's engaging with fans and helping them get what they need (like the right wallpaper for a specific smart phone).  Mondesi's House recently mentioned the organization's appreciation for bloggers. Three of yours truly here at GTOG experienced that appreciation first-hand; we were welcomed by President Dave Morehouse’s to his Stanley Cup celebration in Washington, DC when we just stumbled upon it and walked in. Dave told us to stay and have a beer.  Classy from the top down.

Mario Lemieux Foundation:
Great cause, and made it a family affair by adding Austin’s Playroom Project to the mission. Always leading by example.

Rob Rossi:
The Penguins beat reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Rossi is quick with updates and breaking news. Twitter is good for him and good for us.

Some of the worst

Matthew Barnaby:
I never thought it was possible to be more awkward on Twitter than on TV, but former Pen’s fan favorite and current ESPN analyst, Matthew Barnaby, has done the impossible. While it’s a big victory for the NHL anytime ESPN adds someone on payroll dedicated to hockey, he’s hard to watch…and then you read this twitter account. What’s the deal with all of the exclamation points??  He’s either nine years old and doesn’t know how to use words or wants to act like he’s living the life of Vince from Entourage.

But on a serious note: as an ESPN analyst and former hockey player, Barnaby’s twitter account offers basically no insight into the game, no commentary on off-season moves, no interesting opinions, and not even anonymous quotes from insiders.  It’s the off-season, but things are still happening.  Barnaby has access to these people and as a former player, he could be generating excitement about the game and cultivating new fans.  At least re-tweet something, Matthew!!!!

Keith Jones:
I actually didn’t even read a single tweet.  I already know that anytime Jones speaks, it’s awful.  However, there are two positive things about Jones’ twitter account: he’s cut off after 140 characters and you can’t hear him.

Mayor of Pittsburgh Luke Ravenstahl:
Hey Pittsburghers, our mayor is wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!  The themes of the holiday really are timeless, so why not just leave that tweet up for eight months. So wise. Yeah, why bother with this Twitter thing…or finding ways to engage with constituents. I’m sure Mayor Booker of Newark hates being able to reach 1 million people anytime he wants.

Washington Capitals:
The Caps have an active account, as do most NHL teams.  But I was a bit surprised at the lack of engagement with followers along the lines of what the Pens try to do. I'm not picking a fight here; it's just odd given how well Ted Leonsis does with blogging and fan emails.

Twitter?  I mean, really.
Post-Gazette Sports Columnists:
Dejan Kovacevic aside, our unpaid research intern couldn’t find a Twitter account for Cook, Smizik, or Molinari.  C’mon Hall-of-Fame Dave!  In their defense, our unpaid research intern couldn't confirm that any of these guys had heard of the Internet.


  1. i hate twitter (and rob rossi), but i like GTOG, so i'm torn on this one. yesterday, kevin cronin of REO Speedwagon asked fans on facebook if he should get a twitter. maybe he reads GTOG and is feeling the pressure as well.

  2. Although not currently an active Penguin (or actively on Twitter since his account was taken down), Paul Bissonnette's Twitter page was epic. Let's not forget that one.

  3. Randy!, I too generally hate the idea of Twitter. Yet, for some reason, in the GTOG context it's magical. - Artistry

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