Monday, August 2, 2010

An Epic Journey...Stay Tuned for Recap

By Finesse

I've spent the past 2.5 hours watching The Bachelorette Finale and I've realized that I can't even call it a guilty pleasure because that would mean I feel some sort of pleasure watching this show.  Dear God.

I have 9 pages of handwritten notes (and counting) and Artistry is currently describing his notes as "copious" despite having an hour left in the regular show (plus the unwatchable "After the Rose" ceremony).  Once we complete our post, we are going to auction off our handwritten notes with all proceeds going to the Mario Lemieux Foundation.  Please try to contain yourself from bidding too high.


  1. Major letdown: the guy in love with another girl left early, Ali was decisive by letting Chris go before rose ceremony, and Roberto reciprocated without hesitation.

    And let me vent for a moment with an open letter to Ali.

    Hi Ali -- First, congratulations. I'm happy for you. America is happy for you. But two things I want to get off my chest as I watched the finale.

    First, it was a bit tiring to hear you repeat "I gave up everything to be here." I understand that, but it was for you. Everything we just watched was created for you. All of it. For you. Generally, giving something up -- also known by some as sacrifice -- means you did something you didn't want to do for the greater good, for another person's benefit, gave up personal gain elsewhere, etc. We get gave up a good job. But seriously, you gave that up to travel around the world on ABC's dollar and be the center of attention (and run the bases with Roberto).

    Secondly, I don't get how Frank is selfish. What he did to you, you do every week: You tell one or more persons that you like other person(s) more, and then Chris Harrison tells the less-liked person(s) to go home. Frank didn't play the game and you got upset even after you had selected Roberto. Ali, we expected more from you and I hope you can provide the courtesy and reply here to my concerns. It's the least you can do...I gave up everything to write this comment.

  2. The whole IDEA of these shows is the bach/bachette is SUPPOSED to be sending people home. Frank WAS SO selfish coming on the show without resolving his feelings for his ex. Frank was a weasel and a jerk and neurotic - I never understood what Ali saw in him but he was not playing fair by coming on a DATING show that is capable of leading to an ENGAGEMENT with a heart full of feelings for his ex.