Monday, July 5, 2010

Signing with the Enemy?

By Artistry

Devoting the Penguins' remaining $2 million under the cap to a third line center makes sense, given the way the free agency period has played out.  The team clearly envisions moving Jordan Staal onto the second line with Geno Malkin - we will debate whether that will make the team more or less effective in a different post - and that hole needs to be filled.  Mark Letestu is not the answer.  I'm impressed with him as a playmaking center, but he is not well suited for a checking role.  Craig Adams is the guy that along with Mike Rupp allows HCDB to roll four lines.  You don't mess with that.  So today we're hearing some familiar names bandied about.  Not necessarily familiar in a good way.  Two of them are familiar more in an "I hate that guy" way.  But isn't either Jeff Halpern or John Madden possibly the best man for the job?  I'm agitated just thinking about a line with one of these guys and Matt Cooke.  Someone mentioned their names to Mario Lemieux, and he instinctively elbowed his personal assistant in the chin.   

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