Friday, July 16, 2010

Net Mouth Scramble: Chuck Fletcher, Mike Tomlin, and Nitro, WVa.

By Finesse
  • When Chuck Fletcher left the Pens to become GM of the Minnesota Wild, we all figured that he would take with him the Ray Shero mentality - i.e., pay people what they are worth now and not what you expect/hope they will be worth in a few years, don't give franchise money to non-franchise players, and have a Blackberry that isn't even scheduled to be manufactured for another 3 years.  So, we were a little surprised to learn that Fletcher's first big move was signing Mikko Koivu to a 7-year, 47.25 million extension with a no-trade clause.  Puck Daddy does a nice job pointing out the MIKKO F'ING KOIVU is going to have a higher salary cap hit ($6.75 million) in 2011-12 than Nicklas Backstrom (the Scarlett Caps one, not the goalie), Pavel Datsyuk, Jonathon Toews, and Henrik Sedin.  Koivu's career high in production is 22 goals and 49 assists last season (that's 71 points).  Koivu is a #1 center and his numbers are barely better than Jordan Staal, a 3rd line center -- but somehow he is worth $2.75 million more?  Absurd.  My only disappointment with losing Fletcher now is that he didn't go to an Eastern Conference team.

  • The Steelers extended Mike Tomlin's contract through the 2014 season.  I support this decision.  My only concern with Tomlin is whether he has the ability (guts?) to stand up to the sense of entitlement that has overcome this team.  A lot of the veteran players (Ward, Hampton, Farrior, Harrison, etc...) seem to think that past success guarantees future success without actually having to take the season seriously...can Tomlin change this attitude? 
  • A lot of Tomlin's success will be dependent on whether Superman or Clark Kent returns from the 4 game suspension.  Obviously Ben's dad just wants Clark Kent back, but Superman has won two Super Bowls.
  • GTOG is not a math blog, but we would like to propose the following: If the amount of sexual assault allegations against you is greater than or equal to the amount of Super Bowls you have won, that's bad.  This works no matter what number you put in.  Superman has 2 Super Bowl rings, and 2 sexual assault allegations against him.  That's bad.  I have zero Super Bowl rings and zero sexual assault allegations against me.  That's also bad.  I would love a Super Bowl ring.
  • When Ben decides where Ben is going to assault someone on a particular evening, does he say to his entourage at the last minute, "Um - man this is tough - but um, I'm taking my exposed genitals to the bathroom."
  • Two items from Hall-of-Fame Dave's (Molinari) Q&A about the Pens this morning intrigued me.  First, two of the questions were from Nitro, West Virginia and Sheppton, PA.  How are these real places and why were there no letters from Nitro, West Virginia in the GTOG Inbox?  That will not happen again.  Second, our buddy David from Sheppton asks, "Is there a chance that Dan Byslma's system is not working?"  David seems to be suggesting that the Penguins aren't getting to their game.  We at GTOG reject that notion.  The Penguins are always getting to their game.
  • A man camping in Yosemite National Park recently attempted to approximate the reaction of Penguins' management upon winning the lottery that enabled the team to select Sidney Crosby in the 2005 NHL draft.  He falls short, but it's a good effort.

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