Wednesday, July 7, 2010


[7/8/10, 7:30am] By Finesse

Latest report is LeBron will join Wade and Bosh in Miami.  If true, tonight's special should be renamed "The Cop Out."  I don't think that LeBron is making this decision solely because he wants to win multiple titles...I think he is doing because he is afraid that he can't win titles on his own.  He would rather sacrifice the opportunity to become an all-time great and truly lead his own team to a championship to join Miami and, in some ways, ride the coattails of Wade to a title (or 2, 3, or 4).  I'm not saying LeBron needs to stay in Cleveland and truly do it on his own...all great players need other great players on their team.  What I am saying is that this appears to me to be more about LeBron avoiding the "Greatest to Never Win a Title" label than it is about actually winning titles.

Would Kobe or MJ have done this?  Kobe couldn't wait to dump Shaq and MJ wanted to kill everyone.  Sorry, LBJ...I'm not impressed.

I wish I could write about this all day but unfortunately I have a job.

[7/7/10, 3:00pm] Two of the most reliable sources in the sports world -- Jared Dudley and Chad Ochocinco -- are tweeting that LBJ is headed to the Knicks. 

What we really need to know is the location of the press conference...if he is not staying in Cleveland, he can't possibly do it from anywhere in Ohio, right?

And following up on the ESPN conflict of interest situation...doesn't ESPN have a responsibility to tell us where this thing is airing from?  The location of the press conference could be highly indicative of where LBJ is going, but ESPN may not want to step on its own programming by "breaking" news that it created and thereby killing some of the buzz it is creating for tomorrow night's special.

So essentially we are in a situation where ESPN execs (and probably some cameramen, producers, etc) KNOW where the press conference will be, but are hiding that info from the public and, presumably, from its own reporters.  ESPN is likely going to allow its reporters, anchormen, etc. to speculate on the location of the press conference when ESPN itself must KNOW the location.  This doesn't sit well with GTOG.  We think Versus should counter-program with an Ilya Kovalchuk press conference announcing he will re-sign with New Jersey.

Artistry follow-up:

If I ever decide to move back to Pittsburgh, I am totally holding a press conference from an undisclosed location.

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