Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GTOG Real-Time "Bachelorette" Reaction

In an unplanned but inspired development, the entire GTOG Team tuned in to last night's hometown date episode. No one cared about the home run derby.  The following email interaction ensued.

Finesse to Artistry, Eloquence, Poise
(no subject)
9:47 p.m.

GTOG makes the call: Chris is gone. Ali finds him too substantive.
Artistry to Finesse
Subject: Watching on a Delay
9:55 p.m.

I'm way behind. Roberto is so hot right now. Ali described their date as "everything I want in life."
Finesse to Artistry, Eloquence, Poise
Fwd: Watching on a Delay
9:56 p.m.

Artistry on delay - no one spoil it.

Spoilers after the jump...

Poise to Finesse, Artistry, Eloquence
Subject: Observations from tonight's episode
10:34 p.m.

Kirk's father's shirt is two-toned asparagus green denim. It is exactly what I would picture a taxidermist wearing. I'm not even sure you can get a shirt like that in America. You probably have to go to Eastern Europe to pick one up.

Kirk's father deserves his own blog post.

Allie is jealous of the length of Kirk's mother's eyelashes.

Kirk's mother was once on the Bachelorette. She chose Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

Kirks's mother looks like she got brainfreeze from eating a coal flavored popsicle. Very dark mouth.

Frank is wearing Ellen Degeneres hand me downs.

Frank goes shopping at his favorite clothing store...Anthropologie.

Frank goes to a coffee shop with Wilco on his ipod and reads a coloring book.

Roberto comes to the rose ceremony late after stopping off at happy hour.

Artistry to Poise, Finesse, Eloquence
Re: Observations from tonight's episode
11:18 p.m.

So many emotions right now. When Ali said it wasn't about the families, I think she meant it was about the families. Even if she could get past Kirk's dad, she obviously couldn't get past his mom's braces and the eerie lighting that surrounded his grandma's head.

This is tough to take. Kirk opens up, let's down his walls, and this is what he gets?

Ali is just going to get progressively more pouty at these rose ceremonies. But GTOG is in it for the long haul.

Eloquence to Artistry, Finesse, Poise
Re: Observations from tonight's episode
11:21 p.m.

We've reached new heights in our relationships. Ali is not the only one falling. We are all falling for GTOG, where we can be ourselves and act like we've known each other for always. We are indeed getting to our game.
Finesse to Eloquence, Poise, Artistry
Re: Observations from tonight's episode
6:04 a.m.

Our walls are coming down. We want the fairy tale ending that we never thought we deserved.

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