Monday, July 5, 2010

GTOG Back from the Holiday...

Loyal Readers, we are back from the brief holiday hiatus.  We spent most of the weekend wondering whether Ilya Kovalchuk's agent is able to keep a straight face when he demands $10 million/year for a 45 goal scoring one-trick pony.  There are two (relatively) short Ron Cook poems after the jump.  Also, stay tuned for a post on the Pens' winger situation coming either later today or tomorrow.

July 4th Ron Cook Poetry: Maybe. Maybe Not.

I loved it.
And one more thing...
Casey Stengel's couldn't.
Maybe that will lead to a manager's job.
Or maybe it won't.
He learned from the best.


July 5th Ron Cook Poetry: Probably not, though.

They treat players right.
It's a dandy.
About playing with Crosby.
He might have taken less than anyone.
You won't catch Shero smirking.
Or the Michalek deal.
Probably not, though.


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