Thursday, July 8, 2010

ESPN is a Joke

Did anyone watch Scott Burnside's video report on the first day of free agency? Honestly, how much does ESPN hate hockey? Did the high-price real estate market in Bristol, CT force ESPN to cut back on studio space and cause Scott Burnside to report from his grandmother's house down the road?? Look at that lamp!

When is the last time that Peter Gammons or Chris Berman reported from a living room that hasn't been updated since the great depression?

While Burnside makes it happen with barely more than a lantern at local senior center, ESPN subjects viewers to useless things like the "Virtual Playbook" for other sports.

Only hockey analysts would do this and not care. ESPN...what a joke.

Finally, in honor of my first post on Get to Our Game, I'll sign-off with video of Mario's first goal (merely an excuse to watch 66 in action -- would never compare him to a mortal). A great idea from Finesse.


  1. I'm convinced that is a handgun on the table in the background. Very disturbing set dressing.

  2. That expression on the Burnside's mug is priceless.

  3. I agree though, all of the Burnside stuff on ESPN looks like he's just pretending to broadcast, like the camera isn't really plugged in or something. Once Buccigross gets involved, though, it gets better.

  4. I think Burnside has to pay for his own video equipment and internet connection.