Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ESPN to Air One Hour Special on LeBron's Hubris

By Finesse
  • It's impossible to ignore what is happening in NBA free agency so it is time for GTOG to weigh in.  This morning ESPN's Chris Broussard broke the story that D-Wade is returning to Miami and will be joined by Chris Bosh.  We have also learned through mysterious "independent sources" that ESPN has partnered with LeBron James to host a 9pm EST special Thursday night during which LeBron will announce which team he is going to sign with.  The "S.S. Objectivity" has long since sailed from ESPN's Bristol, CT headquarters but this LeBron special is going a little too far.  Essentially ESPN is turning over its airwaves to allow a person it is covering to break news about himself.  ESPN and LeBron try to offset this obvious conflict of interest by donating the money to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a noble effort.  Even with that, it seems a little inappropriate for ESPN to morph into LeSPN for an hour during primetime.  If ESPN really wanted to do something for charity, just give the money from the unwatchable "LeBron Announcement Follow Up Show" which so obviously is in the works for 10pm tomorrow night.
  • Despite LeBron commandeering the sports media for the past 2 weeks, I remain fascinated by the story even if its only because it means less baseball coverage.  If not for LeBron, here is all we would have been hearing for the past two weeks:
    • All-Star game format where winning league gets home field in the World Series...good or bad?
      • Talking Head #1: Love it, brings back the competition we need.
      • Talking Head #2: The All-Star game is an exhibition!  An exhibition!!
    • Pete Rose...Hall-of-Fame? 
      • Everyone: "Who cares!?!?!
    • "The unwritten rules of baseball!!!!  The unwritten rules of baseball!!!!  The unwritten rules of baseball!!!!  The unwritten rules of baseball!!!!"
  • I can't imagine LeBron joining Wade and Bosh in Miami.  He needs to be the #1 guy on his team, and Wade is worthy, obviously, of that distinction as well.  
      • I also can't imagine LeBron going to the Knicks where he would join Amare Stoudemire.  He shouldn't hitch his legacy to Amare's surgically repaired knees.  If he does join the Knicks, they instantly become my least favorite team in the NBA and I will root vehemently against them.  New York needs LeBron more than he needs New York.  The best move for LeBron would be to join with Derrick Rose in Chicago (I refuse to say Rose and Joakim Noah because Noah simply isn't that good.  He's a decent player, but if he is anything better than the 4th best player on a team, that team isn't winning the title).  LeBron needs to team with someone who is young, great, and can continue to get better.  Also, Rose helps to take some of the ball-handling pressure off of LeBron, a responsibility that has clearly worn him out in previous seasons.  If he is in New York and has to run a pick and roll with Amare Stoudemire all game, that will hurt all the other things LeBron is required to do.
      • I hope he stays in Cleveland.  Imagine if there was this courtship of Crosby by the Rangers, Leafs, Canadiens, etc.?  How many times would you have vomited?  Would you have avoided TSN and CBC for months?  I would.  I know Cleveland fans hate Pittsburgh, but part of me will still feel bad for them.  The hardest job in the world would be Cavs season-ticket salesperson on Friday if LeBron bolts.
      • The prediction here: LeBron stays, signs a 6 year deal with an option to leave after three years.  Cavs somehow do a sign-and-trade for Carlos Boozer, Cavs win 59 games next year and lose in the second round of the playoffs.  Dan Bylsma says the Cavs lost because they didn't get to their game. 
      • Fascinating story from the WSJ about how the Mets will begin paying a 47-year-old Bobby Bonilla $1.2 million annually for 25 years starting next season.  It is all because of a buyout of Bonilla's contract in 2000 when he was owed $5.9 million.  I actually don't blame Steve Phillips, the Mets GM at the time, for this buyout - GM's have a notoriously short life-span with their teams so he did the smart thing by trying to defer his stupid decision for 10 years when it was likely that we would be long-gone and free to have affairs with ESPN interns.

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