Monday, July 12, 2010

5 Things To Watch For

At Tonight's Homerun Derby

1.  Great players reminding us that they are just happy to be around all these great players.

2.  ESPN re-running the audio of Chris Berman's Home Run Derby Schtick from the last 20 years.

3.  David Ortiz becoming exhausted by 10 minutes of what is essentially batting practice.

4.  Miguel Cabrera becoming similarly exhausted, but winning the Home Run Derby in the process.

5.  A ratings decline.  There are no other sports on TV, but there is certainly nothing to see here either.

On Tonight's Episode of The Bachelorette

1.  Any sign that Frank has gone through puberty.

2.  Frank shouting, "Ma, the meatloaf!" while sitting on his parents' couch in his boxers.

3.  Ali becoming moody and distant upon seeing a picture of Roberto with his prom date.

4.  Chris's father saying he doesn't want to see his son get hurt, causing Ali to become moody and distant.

5.  Frank revealing that his ex-girlfriend also lives with his parents.


  1. The World Cup should be every four years and I've never heard a convincing argument otherwise. Until...I just learned from this blog post that the mlb homerun derby is tonight. The best byproduct of the weeks of futbol is that avoiding baseball coverage has required zero effort. The World Cup, I now argue, should be every year (and maybe quadruple the number of teams that qualify so it outlasts the world series).

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  3. And predictions for The Bachelorette tonight -- another welcomed shield from anything MLB:

    1. The over-under on the number of times someone says "just listen to your heart" is 12 and I'm taking the over.

    2. The number of times that Ali says she's STILL "looking for one of the guys to show his________" [insert something really important that should have been established long before just two weeks away from getting engaged to a guy that doesn't have funny/silly side, career ambition, yearning for a family, spontaneity, literacy, male sex organs, etc.]. Over-under is three -- I'm taking the over.

    3. Frank goes home tonight -- he might even be so upset at the prospect of being sent home without the chance to propose in the end -- that he removes himself.