Monday, June 14, 2010

Ron Cook Poetry

By Finesse

This blog's first post was dedicated to actually writing your own Ron Cook column from scratch.  But the beauty of Ron Cook is that you can create timeless literature using the words (most likely in the form of questions) that he has already written.  It's called Ron Cook Poetry.  All you have to do to write a Ron Cook poem is take all of the questions, reminders, one word answers, etc. and you have a poem.  It's that simple.

For example, this is a poem from the article that was one of the catalysts for Get To Our Game.
Sleep?  Who needs it?
Ganassi is 52, you say?
I don't believe it.
You might say.
Can you say historic?
Now, there are two.
So he didn't say.
The rest will come later, much later.

Trust us, this works with ANY Ron Cook article.  Read on for more...

Here is June 14th's poem, entitled "Changes Are For the Good"
Everybody is afraid of change.
A new job.
A new boss.
A new home in a different state.
It doesn't matter.
We know what we have, good and bad.
I disagree.
How is that bad for a college fan?
Not anymore.
The same for West Virginia.
I don't see this happening.
I don't want it to happen, actually.
Fabulous, just fabulous.
OK, neither do I.
At least the man is honest.
But back to Pitt ...
I won't argue.
Its conference.
We're talking incredible change here.
Change for the good, I say.

Or, how about this epic poem from May 25:
Haven't we suffered enough?
Please say it isn't so.
Marian Hossa or Scott Hartnell?
Not much of a choice, is it?
This is the Penguins' fault, you know?
And we're going to get Flyers-Blackhawks?
Hey, no one said life is fair.
Note to Cup engraver:
It's spelled H-o-s-s-a.
Tell the truth.
Did I mention Flyers fans?
"Crosby [stinks]!"
I didn't think so.
Marian Hossa and Scott Hartnell.

Finally, perhaps the best ever from May 21, 2010:
Sometimes, things just don't make any sense ...
Who saw that coming?
Which leads to another pertinent question:
Not much, I'm thinking.
But the rest?
No problem.
It's time to part ways.
Gonchar is 36.
But he wants more.
Another contract is another matter.
You know what they say, right?
Time stops for no one.
You want him back?
I didn't think so.
Don't get me wrong.
I like that guy.
So smart. So steady. So serviceable.
Not so good for the Penguins.
Not the end of the world, though.

We hope to make Ron Cook Poetry a regular feature - new poems will be posted as soon as we read our daily Ron Cook column.

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  1. omg actually laughing out loud over here...this is incredible... sounds just like his articles. Love it!