Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stray Thoughts...

  • 30 for 30 "June 17th, 1994" was fantastic. We had never heard the full transcript of O.J.'s call with the police - riveting stuff. Keith Olbermann's mustache was something to behold. Bob Costas looks EXACTLY the same then as he does today.
  • We'd love to know the ratings of that Knicks/Rockets game during the O.J. chase. Who was watching that? We were annoyed when the documentary flipped to game footage because we were so captivated by the O.J. stuff--we can't imagine any person in 1994 who would have stuck with the game.
  • The documentary played a joke by the K.C. Royals' (we think) announcer that night -- "O.J. played in the U.S. Open today. He's already at 2-under." A refreshing throwback to less politically correct days. Today he would have been fired by the time he said "O.J."
  • Mike Yeo is replacing Kevin Constantine - let's bring Constantine back.
  • The big news in Pittsburgh baseball today: the Bucs released Aki Iwamura. Think Dejan Kovajevic ever misses the Penguins beat? We miss him.
  • Not that Dave Molinari isn't a hall of famer. Addressing a reader question the other day about whether Mario Lemieux would ever consider appearing on "Dancing With the Stars," Hall of Fame offered this response: "About as good as the chances that he'll ask someone to jam knitting needles into his eyeballs within the next 15 seconds. ... No, come to think of it, if Lemieux were given the choice, he'd probably opt for the knitting needles." OK then.
  • We don't know who is handling the PR strategy for Ben Roethlisberger these days, but if you're set on pushing the whole "Forget the past - all that matters is what Ben does now" meme, you might advise Ben to stop referring to Ben in the third person. You see, when Ben repeatedly mentions that he lost track of who Ben was, and that Ben is just now rediscovering Ben, it detracts a bit from the notion that Ben has found some humility. Along the same lines, Ben also might want to cool it with the "All Ben did was play Superman, and Ben lost track of Clark Kent" analogy.

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