Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lesson Learned

By Artistry

One additional note to supplement today's silky smooth post by Finesse on the Hamhuis deal.  Ray Shero made a mistake in July 2008.  He bet that Marion Hossa would do the economically rational thing and re-up with the Pens for 7 years and roughly $50 million.  It didn't happen, and Ray was caught with his pants around his ankles.  By the time Hossa decided to jump ship in order to join Kris Draper in the 2009 losers' handshake line, the other desirable free agent wingers were locked up, and Shero was left to choose from the likes of Miro Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko.  Now, of course, that worked out fine, but Ray clearly isn't about to let that kind of thing happen again.  Maybe the Pens sign both Hamhuis and Gonchar, though that will likely mean another year of bargain basement play on the wing.  More likely, they sign one and not the other.  Either way, the Pens are not going to be left with a gaping hole on defense, and I suspect we won't be caught with our pants down on July 1.

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