Wednesday, June 16, 2010


By Artistry

Word today per the PPG that Assistant Coach and purported powerplay specialist Mike Yeo may be off to succeed former Pens HC Kevin Constantine as skipper of the Minnesota Wild's American Hockey League affiliate, the Houston Aeros.

In the event he does decide he can handle the pressure cooker that is minor league hockey in Houston, Yeo will be remembered in these parts primarily for two things:  1) presiding over easily the most under-achieving powerplay in Penguin history; and 2) always looking like he was on the verge of popping a blood vessel when biting off answers to inane questions from Dan Potash between periods.

No need to belabor the obvious here.  We're not going to miss Yeo's special teams input.  Stick our moms behind the bench and they could just as easily advise the forwards to establish some "net presence" in the event a Kris Letang shot finds its way on net.  But we acknowledge and admire the apparently Herculean effort Yeo displayed night in and night out during in-game interviews.  Best of luck, Mike.  Strong work, sir.

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  1. GoodbYeo -- brilliant headline and even better news. This does leave a gaping hole in our coaching staff -- who is going to tell the PP unit to stand still with such consistency and emotion?