Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chatter Between the Whistles

We now bring you today's workplace instant message chat featuring Artistry and Finesse.  This is not unlike when Lemieux and Jagr played together on the same line.  Enjoy.

Artistry [9:44 AM]:

We give the guy a hard time, but kudos to Ron Cook for producing two straight columns that do not really lend themselves to Ron Cook Poetry.

Finesse [9:44 AM]:

He's still mailing it in, but with complete sentences.

I think NHL free agency will provide ample opportunity for an "honest to goodness" and a "no big deal, though."

Artistry [9:46 AM]:

I see Dan Hamhuis is supposed to decide today if he's going to even talk to the Pens.

Don't see why he wouldn't, except he apparently wants to play close to his home in British Columbia.

Finesse [9:49 AM]:

if he really wants to be in BC, he should go to vancouver. there really is no point in being "close to home" unless you are actually home. If he's in calgary, for example, it isn't like he is going to be taking long weekends back to BC during the season

Artistry [9:50 AM]:

Maybe his parents are like Geno's parents, and they like to come to the games.

I'm done trying to get inside the head of Dan Hamhuis. Either he wants to be here or he doesn't.

More from today's chat after the jump.

Artistry [10:20 AM]:

Dave Molinari wrote a six sentence article in today's PPG. It's a must read.

Finesse [10:23 AM]:

A mail-in situation

Artistry [10:57 AM]:

What do you think of the Pens approach to wingers this offseason?

Finesse [10:59 AM]:

Everyone thinks that we need to get wingers for Sid and Geno, but the fact is that other than Hossa, there hasn't been a single winger who has "overachieved" because of playing with Sid and Geno. That's why I don't necessarily buy the "he will get 40 if he plays with Sid..." logic.

Even Ryan Malone scored more goals with Tampa.

So, I'm not really sure it is necessary to throw big money after a winger (unless/until the Kunitz contract is off the books)

Artistry[11:00 AM]:

Not optimistic about unloading Kunitz. Love what he brings, but not at that price. Can't imagine there's a GM out there who feels differently.

You remember what Luc Robitaille once said about Mario. A fire hydrant could score 40 goals on Lemieux's wing.

Finesse [11:01 AM]:

I don't think that's necessarily the case with Sid and Geno

Do you?

Artistry [11:02 AM]:

No. But that is also a function of the times. Defenseman are much more mobile now.

Mario had at least several odd man rushes and a couple of breakaways per game in the first 8 years or so of his career.

Finesse [11:03 AM]:

True. I think Mario could have gotten the other teams' D-men to score 40 goals on their own net each season just by intentionally shooting it off of them.

Also, remember how much worse the goalies were in the 80s.

Artistry [11:04 AM]:

Let us never forget John Casey, Minnesota's goalie in the '91 Cup Finals.

That poor guy.

Finesse [11:05 AM]:

I think John Casey's son carries Austin Lemieux's hockey bag now

Artistry [11:18 AM]:

Reports today that Lebron, Chris Bosh, and D Wade may all end up in Miami. I'm interested to hear how that works out under the cap.

Finesse [11:23 AM]:

i heard they will each have to take a million or two less than the maximum (but that is apparently offset by the no state income tax in florida)

although dwade can make more than the other two as a returning player, so that could be an alpha dog issue.

i never thought id say this, but i kind of feel badly for the cleveland fans.

this has the be awful for them.

imagine if this was happening with Sid.

Artistry[11:24 AM]:


Finesse [11:24 AM]:

And he was talking to the Rangers, Leafs, etc...

Artistry [11:24 AM]:

Let us never speak of this again.

Finesse [11:24 AM]:

the difference is that 66 is an owner who knows how to win.

Artistry [11:26 AM]:

That he does.

Did you hear there is a Suite 66 in Consol Energy Center? With a wine cellar in honor of Mario?

Incidentally, it is pronounced "Con-sawl," but I can guarantee you that we are in for at least 25 years of Pittsburghers pronouncing it "Con-sole."

Finesse [11:28 AM]:

Ive been wondering why they sponsor so many things - they don't sell directly to consumers, do they?

Artistry [11:29 AM]:

Dave, can you please google that?

Finesse [12:03 PM]:

heading to potebellys.

want to go?

Artistry [12:03 PM]:


see you downstairs

Finesse [12:03 PM]:


Artistry [1:09 PM]:

Cedric Benson was arrested today and charged with assault. Are we still allowed to look down our noses at the Bengals for stuff like this?

Finesse [1:10 PM]:

Of course

it's the Bengals.

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